Top 10 Astronomy Websites

The knowledge of space is something that interests virtually everybody in the world. This knowledge is greatly contributed by the Astronomers. The world has become more technological thus computers are more commonly used. This has exposed many to a lot since it is possible to access any kind of information anytime anywhere. The field of astronomy is not left out, all facts that maybe of importance for you as a student, an instructor or just a curious person about Astronomy is available on the internet.   Below are some of the Top 10 most reliable and resourceful astronomy websites and blogs that will feed you will all the information you may require to know:

Armagh Planetarium is the best blog that contains reviews about the attractive space exploration and latest kirk-johnsontrending news in Astronomy. Collin Johnson is the producer and the maintainer of the blog that he generates from the articles written by the entire Planetarium stuff. Planetarium articles provide current news about the atmosphere.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was formed on 29th July 1958 in the United States. NASA is responsible for civilian space exploration programs and its website is an important source of Astronomical information, the site contains useful videos and pictures that have got a lot of information.

This a very lovely site that has got vital information about the solar system and much more.  All the details about the International Space Station that is the only man-made structure in the space exists on this site as much as the site itself looks very basic.

A resourceful site containing updated news about space as well as articles that are very interesting. The site gives information on the moon phases and constellations that can be easily seen in the sky.

The site came to be in 1999 and contains useful information about the commercial flight, astronomy, sky-watching, space exploration amongst others as well as the latest discoveries. For more visit the site and get acquainted.

maxresdefaultThis a very popular blog that receives many comments, for example, a story about black holes received 422 comments within a very short time. Click into the site for more information.

This a blog full of all the up to date astronomical news. The blog posts what trends every second in the world of Astronomy. To keep updated about the space just click into the site.

Apart from buying the magazines, one can read and get information online by visiting that may interest you and take a subscription. Printable star charts are also available on this site.

This site having games and videos suitable for kids and ‘big kids’ the site contains vital information about comets and meteorites.

  • Northern Ireland Amateur Astronomy Society

Irish Astronomical Association

These are two astronomical societies based at the Northern Ireland that provide night sky viewing as well as letting astronomy known by many people. These societies have got websites that contain information about the sky.


There are very few people who can actually acknowledge the beauty that is present in our universe. They have no idea how it feels when you gaze at stars either from a telescope or from real eyes; when you look upon the planets that you are surrounded with and their huge sizes, the galaxies that make up our universe even more beautiful, our moon and holes in them.

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