The Unique Saturn

The solar system is composed of nine known planets, planet Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and the second largest planet after Jupiter. Saturn is known for the beautiful nine rings that are around it. Saturn has got 62 moons that rotate around it, out of the 62 only 53 have been officially named. The rings too have got hundreds of small moons that make up the rings. The largest moon in Saturn is called Titan that is even larger than the planet mars. At a times Saturn is referred to as “The Jewel of the Solar System” it is a planet that is unique on its own and humans for over a thousand years have been wondering about this planet.

Here are some of the facts worth knowing about the planet Saturn:

  • Saturn is the second-largest planet in the solar system after the planet Jupiter. It has got a radius of 58,232 kilometers. With its big size, it takes only ten and a half hours to spin on its own orbit completing a day.
  • Saturn has mainly composed of gasses mainly helium thus one can never stand on it, it is not as earth that is made of oxygen that takes a greater percentage of gasses. The helium in Saturn is the same being fitted in the balloons.
  • saturnThe beautiful, eye-catching rings around it are composed of rocks, dust, and bits of ice.
  • The bits of ice varies in sizes, some are very small almost of the same size as sand particles while others are very large to the size of tall buildings, even a kilometer tall.
  • The main rings of Saturn when stretched, can extend from earth to the moon although they are less than one kilometer thick but they are very huge.
  • Saturn is the only planet whose rings can be seen from the earth by a telescope though other planets too have rings but their rings are not visible from the earth using a small telescope.
  • Planet Saturn can float on water. It is mainly composed of gasses making it very light accounting for it floating on water. It is not like earth that is composed of rocks and other heavy particles.
  • At Saturn, winds move at a very high speed of up to 1800 kilo meters per hour. In earth, the highest speed of wind is only 400-kilo meters per hour. Thus it is very windy at Saturn.
  • One year of Saturn is equivalent to or more than 24 years of earth. It revolves around the sun very slowly. One of the factors that may contribute to this slow revolution is the larger distance it covers to go around the sun as compared to the earth that is next to the sun thus covers relatively shorter distance.
  • Saturn spins very fast on its own axis. One day of Saturn is only 10 hours and 14 minutes while a day of the earth is 24 hours.
  • A week has got Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Mark ‘Saturday’ and Saturn they share something in common that is ‘satur’ thus this day was named after the planet.


There are very few people who can actually acknowledge the beauty that is present in our universe. They have no idea how it feels when you gaze at stars either from a telescope or from real eyes; when you look upon the planets that you are surrounded with and their huge sizes, the galaxies that make up our universe even more beautiful, our moon and holes in them.

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