The Horns of an Eclipse

Eclipse an astronomical alignment in which the planetary objects more the moon comes in between the sun and the earth causing partial darkness on the earth’s surface that lasts for some hours. There are two types of eclipse that are solar and lunar eclipse. The difference in this types of eclipse is the alignment of the moon and the sun.

The solar eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets in between the Sun and the Earth forming a shadow on the earth. The eclipse takes place in the new phase of the moon and the moon passes directly in between the Sun and Earth.  Solar eclipse is of types that are the Annular, partial and hybrid. These types have got different causes that are:

  • Total Solar Eclipses

The diameter of the sun is 400 times greater than that of the moon but the moon is closer to the earth as compared to the sun thus when the two align favorably then the moon appears to be bigger than the sun

Partial solar eclipse, January 2011

  • Partial Solar Eclipses

This occurs when a part of the sun remains visible during the eclipse. This eclipse is always seen by those who are a thousand miles on the path of the total eclipse.

  • Annular Solar Eclipses

This is a rare type of eclipse accompanied by the darkening of the sky because much of the sunlight still appears. Annular eclipse takes a maximum duration of 12 minutes 30 seconds.

The Lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth blocks the sun thus blocking the moon from reflecting the light from the sun. There are three types of Lunar Eclipse that are the Total, Partial and Dramatic. This type of eclipse usually happens at night and it is always terrific like the time when the moon turned blood-red, this disturbed most of the people who had no knowledge about eclipse putting blames on their gods. The eclipse only occurs on a full moon. Below are some types of lunar eclipses;


  • Total lunar eclipse

The earth completely bars the moon from getting sunlight thus the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. The moon gets a dim glow from some little light that passes through the earth’s atmosphere and some rings of light glows the_last_solar_eclipse_of-880991e77a340eebba489038ce161770around the ages of the earth due to this passing light.

  • Partial lunar eclipse

This where the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon align but not perfectly and the earth’s shadow appears on the moon partially.

  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This the kind of lunar eclipse that is not very easy to notice unless one is a regular sky watcher. The moon appears on the earth faint outer shadow or penumbral.

The blood-red moon

The moon at a times turns red during the eclipse because some light passes through the earth’s atmosphere, getting refracted to the moon this leads to the formation of the weird blood-red moon during the lunar eclipse.

The horns of an eclipse result from the formation of a horn-like shape during the solar eclipse. This was witnessed in some parts of North America, Middle East, and Europe in the year 2003 and was associated with the Illuminati.


There are very few people who can actually acknowledge the beauty that is present in our universe. They have no idea how it feels when you gaze at stars either from a telescope or from real eyes; when you look upon the planets that you are surrounded with and their huge sizes, the galaxies that make up our universe even more beautiful, our moon and holes in them.

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