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NOTE: Characters in parentheses () next to catalog names indicate the TYPES of objects which were listed in each catalog:
oc: Open Cluster gc: Globular Cluster ms: Multiple Star vs: Variable Star
pn: Planetary Nebula gn: Bright Nebula dn: Dark Nebula sn: Supernova Remnant
eg: External Galaxy cg: Galaxy Cluster gg: Galaxy Group qs: Quasar or Lens (see also)

If you are looking for an object in a more obscure catalog, try this site.

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NOTE: Specify the catalog identifier only here! In other words, do not enter "M1" here if you're interested in the Crab Nebula: instead, just put the number "1".

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Small-Mid (7"-9.9", 16cm-24cm) Mid-Large (10"-12.9", 25cm-32cm)
Large (13"-20.9", 33cm-51cm) Very Large (21"/51cm or above)


Note that you also have access to ADVANCED KEYWORD SEARCH in both the Observation Archive and the Discussion Archive.

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If you have any questions or comments about this Web form or about the netastrocatalog mailing list, please contact the list-administrator. If you have more general questions or comments about DEEP-SKY OBSERVING, post a message to the IAAC discussion list. You may also browse the Web archive for all previous logs, or for logs sorted by object name. Or return to the Internet Amateur Astronomy Catalog home page!

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