(IAAC) Obj: M108 - Inst: M108

Observation Poster: Vedran Vrhovac <vedran_vrhovac@yahoo.con>
Observer: Vedran Vrhovac
Your skills: Intermediate (some years)
Date/time of observation: 24.01.2005. 22:30UT
Location of site: Velika Gorica (Lat 45.7, Elev 105)
Site classification: Suburban
Sky darkness: 5.60 <Limiting magnitude>
Seeing: 5 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
Moon presence: None - moon not in sky
Instrument: M108
Magnification: 80
Object(s): M108
Category: External galaxy.
Constellation: UMa
Data: mag   size 
Position: RA :  DEC :
Visible when using averted vision. It's elongated (about 3') and maybe 1' wide. I think I spotted one (maybe more) star very close to the center of the galaxy.
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