(IAAC) Obj: NGC 3115 - Inst: 6", f/6.7 newtonian

Observation Poster: Wouter van Reeven <wouter@van.reeven.nl>
Observer: Wouter van Reeven
Your skills: Advanced (many years)
Date/time of observation: April 11, 2005 around 11:00 PM CEST
Location of site: Aarlanderveen, the Netherlands (Lat +52.13, Elev 0m)
Site classification: Exurban
Sky darkness: 8 <1-10 Scale (10 best)>
Seeing: 9 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
Moon presence: Minor - crescent or far from object
Instrument: 6", f/6.7 newtonian
Magnification: 105x, 210x
Filter(s): none
Object(s): NGC 3115
Category: External galaxy.
Class: E-S0
Constellation: Sex
Data: mag 10.1  size 7.3 x 3.4
Position: RA 10:05  DEC -07:43
This object has been on my TODO-list for many many years and I never
tried it because of it's low declination for the Netherlands. But I
wish I hadn't hesitated so much. This galaxy is very easy to see, much
easier than it's total brightness indicates.
The galaxy appears as a bright elongated patch of light that is
somewhat broader in the middle. It appears best at 210x. At that
magnification it has a stellar core that appears off-center. The
north-eastern part appears to be somewhat longer than the
south-western part. Very nice indeed!
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