(IAAC) Obj: NGC 1819 - Inst: 10.1" f/4.5 Dobsonian

Observation Poster: Brent Reary <gmbreary@rollanet.org>
Observer: Brent Reary
Your skills: Intermediate (some years)
Date/time of observation: 02/12/05  03:05 UT
Location of site: Rolla, MO  USA (Lat 37 57'N, Elev )
Site classification: Rural
Sky darkness: 6.5 <Limiting magnitude>
Seeing: 6 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
Moon presence: Minor - crescent or far from object
Instrument: 10.1" f/4.5 Dobsonian
Magnification: 128x, 257x
Filter(s): None
Object(s): NGC 1819
Category: External galaxy.
Constellation: Ori
Data: mag 12.4  size 1.3' X 1.0'
Position: RA 05:11.5  DEC +05:12
A very faint round, to slightly oval, halo of uniform appearance.
It shows slight, gradual brightening toward the core.  Visible with
averted vision at 128x, it bore magnification well without showing
any additional detail.  Best seen at 257x.
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