(IAAC) Obj: NGC 4710 - Inst: 20" f/5 dob

[Forwarded with Doug's permission.]
Observer: Doug Herbst
Location: Cherry Springs State Park, Coudersport PA USA
Date/Time: 16 May 2004, 10:00pm - 1:30am Local time
Equipment: 20" f/5 Obsession Dobsonian
Eyepieces: 35mm Panoptic (75x), 19mm Panoptic (132x), 13mm Lanthanum (192x)
Seeing: 5/10
Transparency: 9/10
Moon: None
Weather: Clear, Temp 46o F
Object(s): NGC 4710
Category: External galaxy.
Class: SA(r)0+?sp
Constellation: Com
Data: Mag 11.0, size 4.90' x 1.17'
Position(s): 12:49:39.0 +15:09:55
NGC 4710:  small but prominent with a bright core
and oval halo.  (75x, 192x)