Re: (IAAC) Obj: M4 - Inst: XT-8, 1200mm f:6, dob

Apache User wrote:
> Hoping to darken the sky a bit I boosted the power to 92X. The result was that the sky was a little darker but the cluster did not improve very much. I wish there was a way to get this object up a little higher to get it out of the "light dome".
I have something of the same problem (though proabably a lot
less) here in Central New York, where the glow from Cortland
(c. 15 mi. away) intrudes upon my southern sky. To the
north, sadly, things are even worse because of the much
larger dome from Syracuse. 
OTOH, instead of moving the cosmos up, we could work to get
the "light domes" lowered. Here's a start:
The International Dark-Sky Association (http://www.darksky.org).
Dark(er) skies,
John McMahon
Syracuse Astronomical Society
Tully, NY
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