(IAAC) Obj: NGC1907 - Inst: 30cm, f:10 SCT,LX200

Observation Poster: Jim Anderson <madmoon@bellsouth.net>
Observer: Jim Anderson
Your skills: Intermediate (some years)
Date/time of observation: 03232001-21:17EST
Location of site: Phelps Lake, NC (Lat 35:44, Elev 20')
Site classification: Rural
Sky darkness: 6/10 <1-10 Scale (10 best)>
Seeing: 6/10 <10-1 Seeing Scale (1 best)>
Moon presence: None - moon not in sky
Instrument: 30cm, f:10 SCT,LX200
Magnification: 117X, 203X
Filter(s): None
Object(s): NGC1907
Category: Open cluster.
Class: II 1 m n
Constellation: Aur
Data: mag 8.0v  size 7'
Position: RA 05:28.0  DEC +35:19
117X - Small , but fairly bright cluster of about 30 stars. There are 2 9.5 mag
stars to the south. A large loose cluster is seen to the north (NGC1912)
203X - There are dark areas scattered throughout the cluster that may be devoid of stars or they may be obscuring material, though there is no evidence of dimming or reflection.
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