(IAAC) Obj: NGC 7000 (North America nebula, HV-37, LBN47, Sh2-117) - Inst: 14.5" dob

Observer: Geoff Chester
Your skill: Advanced (many years)
Date & Time of Observation: 9/27/1998 0:10:00
Location: Sky Meadows State Park, VA USA (Lat 39N)
Sky Transparency: Limited by haze
Seeing: Mostly Stable
Instrument: Sky Designs VPT 14.5" dob
Magnification: Panoptic 27mm
Filter(s) Used: Lumicon OIII
Object: NGC 7000 (North America nebula, HV-37, LBN47, Sh2-117)
Object Type: Emission nebula.
Class: E
Constellation: Cyg
Position: 205846.5 +441919
Data: Mag FT 5.96m*; Size 120'x100'
Object Rating: A
At the end of a public star party, Kevin Balch brought over
his 27 mm Panoptic and O-III filter. I swept the area near
Deneb, and danged if the nebula didn't just pop into view!
The transparency was somewhat limited by haze, which had
made for a rather mediocre view of the Veil, but nonetheless
we could clearly distiguish the outline of the North America
Nebula. Most prominent was the region of "Mexico", and Kevin
said he could see "Florida".
It pretty well fills the field in this eyepiece, which gives
s bit over 1 degree field-of-view. Next time I'll borrow the
32mm Panoptic from the office and the O-III filter from
Kevin. If we hit a decent night in October this should be a
really nice sight!
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