(IAAC) Obj: NGC 7789 (Cr460, Mel245, HVI-30) - Inst: 14.5" dob, finder

Observer: Geoff Chester
Your skill: Advanced (many years)
Date & Time of Observation: 10/3/1999 4:00:00
Location: Sky Meadows State Park, VA USA (Lat 39N)
Sky Transparency: Very Clear
Seeing: Mostly Stable
Instrument: Sky Designs VPT 14.5" dob, Finder
Object: NGC 7789 (Cr460, Mel245, HVI-30)
Object type: Open cluster.
Class: II 1 r/II 2 r
Constellation: Cas
Position: 2357.0 +5643
Data: Mag 6.7 10.7m*; Size 16'
Object Rating: B+
A wonderful object, visible as a hazy patch in the
finder. In the 13mm Nagler it fills the central third of the
field with a dense, uniform distribution of faint stars.
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