(IAAC) Obj: NGC 6638 - Inst: 14cm f/5

Observer: Washington Fonseca
Your skill: Advanced (20 years)
Date and UT of observation: 21 Aug 2001 02.00UT
Location & latitude: Montevideo - Uruguay (Sudamerica)
Site classification: Ciudad (City)
Limiting magnitude (visual): 4.5
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): 3
Moon up (phase?): New
Instrument: Newt. 14cm f/5
Magnification: 56x
Filters used: None.
Object: NGC 6638
Category: Globular cluster
Constellation: SGR
Object data:
This a very faint globular under these conditions, but
is easy of find. Near Lambda Sgr (the key to find it).
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Washington Fonseca
Sociedad Astronomica Octante
Montevideo URUGUAY

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