(IAAC) Obj: NGC 3349 - Inst: Sky Designs VPT 14.5" dob

Observer: Geoff Chester
Your skill: Advanced (many years)
Object: NGC 3349
Date & Time of Observation: 4/30/2000 21:15:00
Location: Mickie Gordon Regional Park, Middleburg VA USA (Lat 39N)
Sky Transparency: Very Clear
Seeing: Mostly Stable
Instrument: Sky Designs VPT 14.5" dob
Object type: External galaxy.
Class: pec?
Constellation: Leo
Position: 1043.8+0645
Data: Mag 15.2; Size 1.0'x0.7'
Object Rating: C
Pretty large, considerably faint, oval N/S. Very gradually
brightens to the middle. Fainter of 2 with NGC 3356, quite a
bit larger than 3356 but about half as bright. [See previous
log of NGC 3356. NOTE: No mention is made by the observer of
the third member of this galaxy trio, NGC 3362. Since NGC3349
is cataloged as being SMALLER than NGC3356 rather than larger,
could this log actually be an observation of NGC3356? -ed.]
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