(IAAC) Obj: M10 - Inst: 20" F4.4 dob

Observer: Nick Martin
Your skills: Intermediate
Date/time of observation: 02/05/2001 01:30 UT
Location of site: Bonnyton house drive, Ayrshire, Scotland
Site classification: rural
Sky darkness: not determined
Seeing: III <I-V Seeing Scale (I best)>
Moon presence: moon setting
Instrument: 20" F4.4 Newton on Dobsonian mount
Magnification: X360
Filter(s): None.
Object: M10 (NGC 6254)
Object type: Globular Cluster
Position: 16 57.1 -04 06
Constellation: Ophiucus
Data: Mag :6.6   ;  Size  15' 
Object Rating: A
Description:- A very spectacular globular with many brighter stars including
4 bright stars in the core. The core appears to be asymmetrically placed in
the cluster. North of the core is a darker patch. At a first glance the
cluster has a rather comet like appearance, looking swept back in a
northerly direction. This appearance results from three lines of stars. The
line to the north is defined by five stars,  a line in the centre defined by
four stars and some diffuse material and another alignment of only two to
three stars. After making these observations I read the description in
Lughinbuhl and Skiff who mention that the outlying stars from a n appearance
of two spiral arms. When pointed out these were conspicuous, one at the
north of the cluster. The other arm at the south which is defined by
brighter stars and diffuse material.
Nick Martin, Bonnyton House, By Ayr, Ayrshire KA6 7EW ,Scotland, UK.
 Latitude 55 24'56" Longitude 4 26' 00".
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