(IAAC) NGC 6309 (Box nebula)

Observer: Nick Martin
Your skills: Intermediate
Date/time of observation: 2/05/2001 01:30 UT
Location of site: Bonnyton house drive, Ayrshire, Scotland
Site classification: rural
Sky darkness: not recorded
Seeing: III/IV <I-V Seeing Scale (I best)>
Moon presence: setting 3/4 moon
Instrument: 20" F4.4 Newton on Dobsonian mount
Magnification: X240
Filter(s): None,
Object:NGC6309 the Box Nebula
Object type: Planetary nebula.
Position: 17 14.0  -12 54'
Constellation: Ophiucus
Data: Mag : 11.5 ;  Size 52" x  52"
Object Rating: B+
Description:- The Box Nebula is fascinatingly different planetary nebula
because, as the name implies, it is a rather rectangular shaped object. It
is aligned at an angle to the N/S axis. A faint star just below (N) the
rectangle gives it the look of a diagonally placed exclamation mark. The
nebula is unevenly bright - it is brightest to the north and on the
following edge. Using X360 magnification the central star could occasionally
be glimpsed.
Nick Martin, Bonnyton House, By Ayr, Ayrshire KA6 7EW ,Scotland, UK.
 Latitude 55 24'56" Longitude 4 26' 00".
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