(IAAC) Obj: NGC 2017 (H2780) - Inst: Sky Designs VPT 14.5" dob

Observer: Geoff Chester
Your skill: Advanced (many years)
Object: NGC 2017 (H2780)
Date & Time of Observation: 3/4/2000 21:00:00
Location: Mickie Gordon Regional Park, Middleburg VA USA (Lat 39N)
Sky Transparency: Partly Clear
Seeing: Mostly Stable
Instrument: Sky Designs VPT 14.5" dob
Object Type: Asterism.
Position: 0539.4-1751
Constellation: Lep
Data: Mag 6.38m*; Size ?
Object Rating: D+
An asterism of 4 stars in Lepus. It definitely can look
"clusterish" at very low powers.
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