(IAAC) Obj: Shkh16 (Arp330, Z276-045, MCG+09-27-091, MCG+09-27-092, MCG+09-27-095, MCG+09-27-096) - Inst: 17.5" f/4.5

Observer: Steve Gottlieb
Your skills: Advanced (many years)
Date and UT of Observation: 15 Apr 1999, 15 May 1999
Location: Probably Sierra foothills, CA USA (Elev 900m)
Site classification: Rural
Limiting magnitude: Probably 6.5
Seeing: Fair to very good
Moon presence: None - moon not in sky
Instrument: 17.5" f/4.4 dob
Magnification: 280x, 380x?
Filters used: None
Object: Shkh16 (Arp330, Z276-045, MCG+09-27-091, MCG+09-27-092, MCG+09-27-095, MCG+09-27-096)
Category: Group of galaxies.
Class: Compactness Coefficient 0.6
Constellation: Dra
Data: Group size 5', Brightest eg 14.0, 14 egs cataloged, 5 egs observed
Position: 164800 +5331
[Following] are observations of the four best Shakhbazians I've viewed...
Another one to take a look at is Shkh 26 = Abell 1143. If these prove easy
for the large aperture crowd, take a look at Shkh 49, located just 20' NW
of the N3158 cluster! By the way, Shkh 16 and Shkh 166 form remarkable
galaxy chains. For more on galaxy chains, see the feature on Adventures
in Deep Space at http://redshift.home.pipeline.com/chains.htm
Steve Gottlieb
Shakhbazian 16  (5 galaxy members) [Does the Arp330 designation refer to
the group as a whole, or just to the brightest of its members, Z276-045?]
M+09-27-094 = I Zw 167 = Z276-045 = Z277-002 = A1648+53C = Arp 330 = Shkh 16-1
16 49 11.5 +53 25 11    V = 14.6    Size 0.3x0.25
(5/15/99): picked up immediately at 280x just 2.0' SW of a 9th magnitude
star.  This is the only member of Shkh 16 which is not difficult and was
visible continuously as an 0.3' round knot.  Four galaxies were observed
with patience and concentation within a 3.5' chain!
(4/15/99): this galaxy is the brightest in Shkh 16 = Arp 330 which
consists of five galaxies in a 3.5' chain oriented N-S. Appeared very faint,
extremely small, round, 15" diameter.  Visible continuously with averted
vision.  The view is severely hampered by 9th magnitude SAO 30113 which is
situated just 2.0' NE!  The other members were extremely challenging with
Shkh 16-2 = M+09-27-092 located 1.7' S at the south end of the chain.
M+09-27-091 = A1648+53A = Arp 330 = Shkh 16-2
16 49 08.3 +53 23 33    Size 0.2x0.2
(5/15/99): furthest south in the Shkh 16 chain.  On first glance at
280x this galaxy and Shkh 16-1 were the only two that were immediately
picked up.  Once the position was pinpointed, I could almost hold this
object continuously with averted vision.  Appeared extremely small, but
definitely nonstellar, ~10" in size.
(4/15/99): this galaxy is the second brightest in the Shkh 16 chain but
still was quite challenging.  It appeared as an extremely faint, round knot,
at most 10" in diameter.  Could not hold steadily but visible ~2/3 of time
with averted vision.  Located at the south end of the chain, 1.7' S of Shkh
16-1 and 3.5' SW of a mag 9 star which really detracts from observing these
nearly stellar galaxies.
M+09-27-092 = A1648+53B = Arp 330 = Shkh 16-3
16 49 12.6 +53 24 18    Size 0.2x0.2
(5/15/99): this difficult member of Shkh 16 popped into view for
moments several times and that's about it!  No details and seemed
quasi-stellar.  Bracketed by brighter Shkh 16-1 and Shkh 16-2 just
1' N and 1' SW.
(4/15/99): this marginal galaxy in Shkh 16 was only glimpsed for
moments at 280x and 380x and very difficult to confirm.  Sandwiched
between Shkh 16-1 just 0.9' N and Shkh 16-2 just 1.0' SW.
M+09-27-095 = A164853E = Arp 330 = Shkh 16-4
16 49 15.4 +53 26 51    Size 0.3x0.2
(4/15/99): another marginal galaxy in Shkh 16 is the further north
in the chain and was possibly glimpsed a few times at 280x and 380x
just 1.1' NW of mag 9 star SAO 30113.
M+09-27-096 = A1648+53D = Arp 330 = Shkh 16-5
16 49 11.2 +53 25 57    Size 0.2x0.15
(5/15/99): one of the two fainter members of Shkh 16 which were
glimpsed.  I'm certain of the sighting as it was detected several
times although the image was stellar and fleeting.  Interestingly,
I didn't see nearby Shkh 16-4 which I thought was marginally
detected last month although this galaxy wasn't noted!
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