(IAAC) NGC 6826 Blinking Planetary Nebula

Name of observer: Penny Fischer
Return email address: govega@monmouth.com
Email addresses you wish to CC:
Any Web URL related to log:
Your observing skills then:  Intermediate
Date/time of observation:  (UT? EST?) 7/2/00 9 p.m. EDT
Site type:  RuralExurbanSuburbanUrban: Surburban
Location:  (Latitude  Elevation ) Englishtown New Jersey
Sky darkness:  4.5 l.m.
Seeing ("twinkling"):  (  1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best) 7.0
Moon presence:  None - moon not in sky
Instrument (aperture, f/#, mount, etc): 12,5 inch Discovery Dobsonian ("Behometh")
Powers(s) used: 150 X  - Filter(s) None
Object(s) (M#, NGC#, name(s), etc): Blinking Planetary Nebula NGC 6826
Object(s) category (all that apply): Planetary nebula
Constellation: Cyg
Object(s) data: mag  8.8 mag with an 11th magnitude central star.
Had a lot of fun with the Blinking Planetary last night after
viewing some doubles nearby in Cygnus! The blinking effect was
VERY neat and very apparent.
Look straight at this planetary and you see a magnitude 11 or
so star, stark against a black sky background.  Look away just
a fraction of a millimeter, and you see a VERY bright hazy round
nebula surrounding and almost obliterating the star. You can very
slightly alter your vision to off center to keep seeing the
planetary coming in and out of view. In our 12.5 inch it was a
very bright almost solid patch of nebulosity.  Really cool.
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