(IAAC) Obj: Palomar 2 - Inst: 20" f/4 dob

Observer: Barbara Wilson
Your skill: advanced (many years)
Date and time of observation: 8-Jan-1995, 5:04 local
Location & latitude: Columbus TX USA, Lat +30N, Elev 5000'
Site classification: rural
Transparency (1 to 10, 10 best): 6
Seeing (1 to 10 - 10 best): 6
Moon up (phase?): no
Instrument: 20" f/4 dob
Magnification: 166x
Filters used: None.
Object: Palomar 2
Category: Globular cluster.
Classification: V(TIP): 18.0, V(HB): 20.9, CLASS: 12
Constellation: Aur
Object data: Mag 13.0, Size 1.9'
RA/Dec: 04:46:06 +31:22:51
SOURCE: skiff
Small and fairly faint but visible with direct vision as a round glow.
According to Harris AJ 114 April 1997, Palomar 2 is  very distant and
the most obscured outer halo globular cluster at 34 kpc from galactic
center, and moving toward perigalacticon on a highly elliptical orbit.
It is unique in that of all galactic globulars, it is located farthest
on the sky from the galactic center. Harris states that this  cluster
is brighter and more massive than most outer halo clusters. Extinction
E (b-V) = 1.24 Discoverer: Abell  aka: MCG +05-12-01
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