(IAAC) Obj: ngc4755 - Inst: 6" f/5 reflector, bogen tripod

Observer: Todd Gross
Your skills: Intermediate (some years)
Date/time of observation: 0850 UT 12/29/99
Location of site: Grand Cayman, BWI (Lat 20, Elev 20)
Site classification: Suburban
Sky darkness: ~4 <Limiting magnitude>
Seeing: 4 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
Moon presence: Major - gibbous or near object
Instrument: 6" f/5 reflector, bogen tripod
Magnification: 76x
Object(s): ngc4755
Category: Open cluster.
Class: dense oc
Constellation: crux
Data: mag 4.2  size 10
Position: RA ~13:00  DEC -60:00
Beautiful little cluster, stars do show various tints, but at this aperture
not all that apparent in color difference, some reddish stars noted. The small, 
tight, packed cluster resembles others nearby that frame Eta Carina. However, 
unlike those, this has a 3-dimensional double magnitude structure. 
That is, uniform brightness stars of around 8th mag. or so, which form a tight 
little triangular shaped cluster. Then with close scrutiny,
one can see the myriad of dimmer, approximately 11th magnitude stars that 
particularly swarm the bright SE corner star, in a round globular-like pattern 
but are dispersed all over the cluster as well. 
Todd Gross
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