(IAAC) NGC 2438 - 8" F/10

Observer: Yann POTHIER (France)
Your skill: advanced (many years)
Object: NGC 2438 (PK 231+04.2; PN G231.8+04.1; ARO 46; Sa 2-13)
Category: planetary nebula
Constellation: PUP
Object data: Vmag=10.8; Bmag=10.1; 68"x68" [internal=90", external=137" in
IDB]; type IV+II; central star of Vmag=17.5; discovered by Herschel in
1827; ELCAT: [OIII, 496+501nm] = 12 x [Hbeta, 486nm].
RA/DE: 07h41.83m, -1444.1' (2000.0)
Date and UT of observation: 29 December 1988, ...
Location & latitude: La Clapiere Obs. (France, latN44 40 00, longE06 27 36)
Site classification: rural, alt.1650m (5500ft)
Limiting magnitude (visual in UMi): 6.0
Transparency (1 to 5 - best to worst): 1
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): ?
Moon up (phase?): no
Instrument: Meade SCT 8" (203mm), F/10
Magnification: 87-145x
Filters used: OIII
Description: at 87x, quite obvious in M46 with a mag11 star in contact to
the NE; at 145x, this star gives the nebula a triangular shape but at 312x,
its shape is better defined, quite round and diffuse; a faint star of mag14
is quite centraly located in the nebula, visible only briefly with averted
vision [the real central star is much fainter]; slightly annular but the
ring is more obvious at 145x with OIII, quite sharp edges.
Yann Pothier
11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
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