(IAAC) Obj: M27 (NGC 6853) - Inst: 7.1" f/9 AP refractor

Observer: Eric Jamison
Your skill: Advanced
Date and UT of observation: (1999-June-19, 3:30 UT)
Location: Massachusetts
Site classification: suburbia
Limiting magnitude: 5
Seeing (1 to 10): 6
Moon up (phase?): yes, 0.338
Instrument: 7.1" f/9 AP refractor
Magnification: 29x to 405x
Filters used: None, UHC, OIII
Object: M27
Category: Planetary Nebula
Constellation: Vulpecula
Object data: mag: 7.3, size: 8.0' x 5.7'
RA/DE: 19h 59m 33s/+22deg 43' 9"
At low power (29x, 46x, 60x) M27 appeared large, bright, and light green in 
color, with the two extensions on each end giving the nebula an oval 
appearance. Although the two extensions were visible without a filter, a UHC 
and OIII made them easier to see, with the OIII showing the most detail.
A medium magnifications one side of the nebula appeared brighter then the 
other, and this brighter portion seemed to extend in about 25% from the edge. 
Also, the rest of the central portion of the nebula showed some variation in 
tone. In this area at very high magnifications (324x), several stars were 
noted with both direct and averted vision, two near the edge, and one near 
the center. Several other stars were noted also at 405x, but only with 
averted vision and it was difficult to confirm their position as they popped 
in and out of view.
This is my first observation posted to this list so please let me know if it 
was okay.
Clear Skies,
Eric Jamison
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