(IAAC) obs: M56

Observer: Mack Julian
Your Skills:
Date and UT of observation: June 15 11:00 UT
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico (35.1oN 106.7oW)
Site classification: Country
Limiting magnitude (visual): 6.0
Seeing (from 1 to 5): 3
moon up/phase: Down
Instrument: Meade 8" LX-200
Magnification: 133x
Filters used:
Object: M 56
Category: Globular Cluster
Constellation: Lyr
Object Diameter:   5.0'
RA/DE:  19h16m33s +3010'24" (apparent)
Description:  Morning twilight is up. Small granular gc. Some
stars broken out of granularity on the edges. There are 3 stars
to the east that form a upside down "L" pointing to the east
These stars are GSC02653-2140, -2125 and -2214. One brighter
star to the northwest closer to the gc, SAO 68060.
PS, First time posting here, so, hopefully correct?
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