(IAAC) Obj: NGC 1980 - Inst: 16x70 binoculars on tripod

Observer: Lew Gramer
Your skills: Intermediate (some years)
Date/time of observation: 9/10 Feb 1999  04:00 UT
Location of site: MIT Haystack Obs., Westford, MA, USA (Lat 43N, Elev 30m)
Site classification: Exurban
Sky darkness: 6.6 <Limiting magnitude>
Seeing: 4 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
Moon presence: None - moon not in sky
Instrument: 16x70 binoculars on tripod
Magnification: 16x
Filter(s): None.
Object(s): NGC 1980
Object category: Emission Nebula.
Object class: E
Constellation: Ori
Object data: mag 2.77m*  size 14'x14'
Position: 0535.2-0555
Thanks to Steve Clougherty for the use of his fine binoculars as
we were setting up the ATMs of Boston's 17.5" Club scope tonight!
The final binocular "sweep" of the night was for further nebulos-
ity in the Sword of Orion. The first and most striking instance I
turned up was a clear blob of unstructured haze, surrounding the
beautiful bluish mag 3 star iota Ori, the bottom (i.e. "point") of
the Hunter's Sword. This otherwise featureless nebulosity was well
separated from the swirling confusion of M42 half a degree N, but
was noted to be slightly more noticeable above (N of) bright iota.
Object data thanks to dObjects: http://www.eaglequest.com/~bondono/dObjects
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