(IAAC) Object: M109 INST: 18" Newt f/4.2 FL 1925

Observer:  Todd Gross
Your skill:  Intermediate 
Date and UT of observation: 12/23/98 08:55am GMT
Location & latitude: 22 mi. West of Boston, Ma. 42.3N
Site classification: Suburban
Limiting magnitude (visual): 4.8(estimated) zenith 
Seeing (1 to 10 - worst-best): 4
Moon up (phase?): No
Weather: Clear
Instrument: 18" Stabilite Newt f/4.2 1925mm fl
Magnifications: Binoviewer, 128X
Filters used: none
Object: M109
Constellation: U major
Object data: Galaxy
Size(s): 7.6x4.7
Position: RA11:57 DEC53:23N
Magnitude: 9.8
Personal "rating" (at this aperture, and sky condition): C+
Light pollution kept me from enjoying the fainter parts of 
this galaxy. It is elongated, approximately cigar shape with 
a bright oval core. However, I was unable to make out detail
in the weaker elongations from the core due to the sky brightness.
Moderate to large in length. Appeared bigger to me than it's
listed 7.6 arc minutes. 
Boston Meteorologist Todd Gross
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