(IAAC) IC 1318 (a,b,c,d) - 13inch F/3.4

Observer: Yann POTHIER (France)
Your skill: advanced (many years)
Date and UT of observation: 06 August 1991, about 00h00 UT
Location & latitude: La Clapiere Obs. (France, latN44 40 00, longE06 27 36)
Site classification: rural, alt.1650m (5500ft)
Limiting magnitude (visual in UMi): 5.8
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): 3
Moon up (phase?): no
Instrument: self-made Newtonian 310mm F/3.4
Magnification: 46x
=46ilters used: UHC
Object: IC 1318
Category: diffuse nebula (emission)
Constellation: CYG
Object data: part A=3D 50'x30' at 20h26.2/+40=B030'; B=3D 45'x20' at
20h27.9/+40=B000'; C=3D 40'x40' at 20h14.3/+39=B054'; D=3D 45'x25' at
20h16.4/+41=B049'; dark nebula between A and B is LDN889; nebulae around
gamma CYG;
RA/DE: see above
Description: A=3D large parenthesis-shaped nebula, faint surface brightness
even with UHC; thick and peppered with stars; B=3D large nebula, somewhat
oval-shaped, forming a triangle with NGC6910 and gamma CYG, it contains 2
mag8 stars and two star groups at the edges of its major axis, nebula
brighter to the S of the two 8mag stars; C=3D easier than B, elonated and
some star groups are scattered on it; D=3D faint and very large. B and C are
separated by a dark channel and are comparable in sizes.
Yann Pothier	tel: 01 43 41 43 29
11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
Email: ypothier@abi.snv.jussieu.fr
Site : http://pegase.unice.fr/~skylink/publi/cielextreme
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