(IAAC) Object: NGC6888 - Instrument: 16" Dobson

Observer: Michael Büchner 
Your skill: advanced
Date and UT of observation: 6.9.97
Location & latitude: Alpes maritimes, France
Site classification: rural
Limiting magnitude (visual): 6m.4
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): 2
Moon up (phase?): no
Instrument: 400 mm dobson, f/4,8
Magnification: 74x
Filters used: OIII
Object: NGC6888
Category: WRN
Constellation: Cyg
Object data: 20'x10'
RA/DE: 20 12.8 +38 20
For me looks the nebula with an OIII-filter like the Greek symbol
Epsilon. There is a triangle of stars in the northeastern half of the
Epsilon. The middle of the Epsilon is slightly weaker as the rest. The
southern half of the Epsilon consists of several filaments. The
complette nebula is surrounded with a dark ring. I could detect several
other, smaller nebulae in same field as NGC6888. Using a UHC-filter the
edges of the Crescent appear sharper.
You can find a sketch of NGC6888 on my homepage: