(IAAC) Obj: Epsilon Lyr - Instrument: 4.5" Newtonian

Name of observer: Donald Munson
Observing skills then: Beginner
Date/time of observation: 1998/08/30 05:53:00
Site type: Rural
Location: Nanjemoy, MD
Limiting magnitude: 3
Sky transparancy: 3/9
Seeing: 3/9
Moon presence: -20.330 degrees altitude,  50.4 % illuminated
Instrument: 4.5" Newtonian
Power(s) used: 54x
Filter(s) used: None
Object: Epsilon Lyr
Object category: MultipleStar
Object class: A3
Constellation: Lyr
Object data: mag 5.0 6.1  size 3.7"3530
Position: 184420.302+394015.50
Observed this star again to get a sketch for AL Double Star Club.  I
am unable to see all four stars here.  I can only resolve Epsilon 1
and Epsilon 2.
Donald Munson
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