(IAAC) Obj: NGC 6539 - Inst: 13" f/5.6 Newtonian on Bigfoot German EQ

Observer: Steve Coe
Your skills: Advanced (many years)
Date/time of observation: 25 July 98
Location of site: Strawberry, Arizona USA (Lat +34, Elev 7000 ft)
Site classification: Rural
Sky darkness: 8 <1-10 Scale (10 best)>
Seeing: 7 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
Moon presence: None - moon not in sky
Instrument:  13"  f/5.6 Newtonian on Bigfoot German EQ 
Magnification: 100X
Filter(s): none
Object(s): NGC 6539
Category: Globular cluster.
Constellation: Oph
Data: mag   size 
Position: RA :  DEC :
NGC 6539
100X--faint, pretty large, brighter middle, irregularly round,
resolved even at 100X, about 8 very faint stars seen, better
resolved with averted vision.  There is an 11th mag star at the
edge of this globular, it is in a PA of 330 degrees.  This
low surface brightness cluster is not helped with higher powers.
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