(IAAC) Obj: NGC 2022 - Inst: Celestron 8"

NGC # 2022  Type Planetary Nebula  Class 4(2)      
Const Ori Mag 13.0 Source 7 Size 28" X 27"       Tirion 11 Uranometria 1,181
RA  5h 42.0m  Dec   9d  5'  
NGC Description PLN,PB,VS,VLE                               
RNGC Description                                                           
12 November, 1977  C-8 from Switzerland, Fl.
Trans - excellent, seeing - very good to excellent, dark sky
Small, fairly faint planetary.  Featureless disk at 100x.  Easy at 100x.
No details at 160x or 222x.
27 December, 1989  C-8 from Lilburn, Ga.
Trans - very good, seeing - fair, heavy light pollution
Fairly bright planetary at 100x.  Almost stellar at 62x.  Good at 200x.
Circular, fairly small, but surface brightness enough to allow higher
power.  Slightly oval shaped at 200x.  At low power appears as glow around
star, but this impression disappears at 100x when planetary appears uniformly
bright with slight, dim ring seems visible.  UHC filter and 200x give the
best view.