(IAAC) Obj: NGC 1022 - Inst: Celestron 8"

NGC # 1022  Type Galaxy            Class           
Const Cet Mag 12.5 Source 1 Size                 Tirion 10 Uranometria 1&2,220
RA  2h 38.5m  Dec  -6d 40'  
NGC Description CB,PL,R,MBM,*11NF 2'                        
RNGC Description R,BM,HISB,DKPCHS CT  IRR DIF HALO                         
Date:     8/9 October, 1991
Moon:     Just past new
Seeing:   Very good
Trans:    Excellent
Clouds:   Bit of haze west, otherwise clear
Location: Hard Labor Creek - rural area with moderate light pollution
Time:  0115
Description:  Moderately large, fairly dim galaxy.  Pretty easy at 100x.
              Round with bit of nucleus visible at 130x.