(IAAC) FW: Sorry.. I need your help.

From: "Shin Seunghwan" <jmail@plaza1.snu.ac.kr>
To: netastrocatalog-announce@atmob.org
Subject: Sorry.. I need your help.
Date: 1998년6월18일 (목)일 2:47 AM
Dear IAAC users,
   I'm so sorry that I've no choice but ask you.
   What's the specification of "Celestron 8x40 Nature Binocular"?
   Is it suitable for an astronomy observing-use? and does it worth $100? in
   Please send me some information. e.g. BAK-4 or BAK-7, FC or MC or FMC and
so on.
   I also need some pieces of your advice what I can observe quite good with
   Thanks in advance.
     Biologist, SHIN.
     Seunghwan in Korea
P.S. I'm using Celestar 8 and 2" Diagonal and reading your stories
     That pair of binocular will be for my girl friend.