(IAAC) Minkowski 1-92 / 24.4-inch F/15

Observer: Yann POTHIER (France)
Your skill: advanced (many years)
Date and UT of observation: 16 august 91, ab02h00UT
Location & latitude: Pic de Chateau-Renard  (France, latN44 39 30, longE06
27 38)
Site classification: rural, alt.2950m (9700ft)
Limiting magnitude (visual): 6,6
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): 2
Moon up (phase?): no
Instrument: Cassegrain 24.4-inch F/15
Magnification: 650x
Filters used: no
Object: Minkowski 1-92 (Footprint nebula)
Category: diffuse nebula
Constellation: CYG
Object data:  12"x6"- reflection nebula
RA/DE: 19h36.3m, +2933'
Description: footprint shape evident since 200x; main fuzzy globule of
about 6"x4" elongated NW-SE with fainter patch to the SE of about 3" in
diameter; the main part is brighter towards the center and the companion
globule seems homogeneous. I tried a polarized filter on this nebula and
noticed the fainter globule to disappear (still visible but exceedingly
faint, a 2 mag drop...) when the vector of the filter was at about PA160
(SSE). Could someone confirm ?
I can provide a scanned drawing of Mi 1-92 to anyone who can read the
binhex encoding of Eudora (for Mac); just mail me to try
(ypothier@abi.snv.jussieu.fr), it works sometimes with other
Yann Pothier	tel: 01 43 41 43 29
11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
Email: ypothier@abi.snv.jussieu.fr
Site : http://pegase.unice.fr/~skylink/publi/cielextreme