(IAAC) FWD: Observation of SN1998aq from <djm28@psu.edu>

Dave Mitsky sends the following observation of SN1998aq:
>Observer: Dave Mitsky
>Your skills: Intermediate (some years)
>Date/time of observation: 4/23/98 01:55 UT
>Location of site: ASH Naylor Observatory, Lewisberry, PA (Lat 40d08', 
Elev 570')
>Site classification: Rural
>Sky darkness:  less than 5.0 <Limiting magnitude>
>Seeing: 7 <1-10 Seeing Scale (10 best)>
>Moon presence: None - moon not in sky
>Instrument: 17" f/15 classical Cassegrain with equatorial mount
>Magnification: 202x
>Filter(s): none
>Object(s): SN1998aq
>Category: Extragalactic star.
>Class: supernova
>Constellation: Ursa Major
>Data: mag less than 13th  size 
>Position: RA 11h:56m  DEC 55d :07'
>Despite very poor transparency, I was finally able to successfully 
observe the
>recently discovered supernova, SN1998aq (see IAUC 6875).  Supernova 
1998aq is 
>located in NGC 3982, an 11th magnitude edge-on spiral galaxy located 
about 1.5 
>degrees north of Gamma UMa.  The supernova formed a triangle with two 
field stars
>and was fainter than either of these stars. 
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>  http://www.visualdeepsky.org/enter-log.html
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