(IAAC) Obj: 3c273 - Inst: 8" f/6 equatorial Newtonian

Observer: Jeff Bondono
Your skills: Advanced
Date and UT of Observation: Fri 1987/03/20
Location: Utica, MI, USA
Site classification: Suburban
Limiting magnitude: 
Seeing: ?/9
Transparancy: ?/9
Moon up: unknown,  67.1 % illuminated
Instrument: Meade 826 8" f/6 Newtonian. Equatorial mount, no drive.
Magnification: 122x
Filters used: None.
Object: 3c273
Category: Quasar.
Class: Q1RX
Constellation: Vir
Data: mag 12.2-13.0:12.86  size stellar
RA/DE: 122906.6+020308
Found in good seeing when still 40o from the meridian. Easiest
to see at x122. Just a 13m stellar dot, but it's still quite a
thrill to see a quasar.
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