(IAAC) Obj: NGC 40 - Inst: Celestron 8"

NGC #   40  Type Planetary Nebula  Class 3b(3)      #Stars  0    * Mag 11.5
Const Cep Mag 10.0 Source 7 Size 60" X 40"       Tirion 1  Uranometria 1,3  
RA  0h 13.0m  Dec  72d 32'  Ga Lo 120.02  Ga La 9.87    POSS X 150  POSS Y 160
Old F,VS,R,VSMBM,*12SP                          
Xrf P                                           
7 August, 1977 C-8 from Jacksonville, Fl
Trans - good, seeing - fairly steady, bad light pollution
Faint planetary.  Bright star with faint nebula around.  Best at 160x
19 November, 1989  C-8 from Lilburn, Ga.
Trans - fair with slight ground haze, seeing - very good, heavy light
Fairly bright planetary.  Easily seen in not quite dark sky.  Very prominent
central star with fainter star just outside nebula.  Ill-defined edges make
determining exact shape difficult.  Star becomes less obvious at low power,
but nebula is more difficult also.  Best viewed at powers between 100x-200x.