(IAAC) NGC2169 20" Dobsonian

Your skill:intermediate
Date and UT of observation:09/10 September 1997 01.00
Location & latitude:near Ayr South West Scotland lat 55 24'56"
Site classification:bright rural
Limiting magnitude (visual):6 (zenith) 4 at altitude 11 degree of nebula
Seeing (1 to 10  worst to best):
Moon up (phase?):no
Instrument:20" f4.4 Dobsonian
Filters used:None
Object:NGC 2169
Category:Open Cluster
Object data:mag 5.9 size 7'
RA/DEC: RA 6hr 08' Dec 13 57' 
Description A good name for this bright, small but fascinating open cluster
would be the XY cluster because the the brighter members of the cluster are
arranged as the two letters, even the gap between the letters is correct.
This appearance is very striking in the telescope but less obvious in the
photograph on the SEDS NGC website. The cluster contains some bright stars
giving a jewel like impression. It is an object well worth a look for its
curious appearance and beauty.
NGC2169 forms the vertex of a right angle triangle with Xi and Nu Orionis as
Nick Martin, Bonnyton House, By Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, U.K.
Latitude 55 24'55" Longitude 4 26'00".