(IAAC) Obj: NGC 1502 - Instr: 8" f/6 Newtonian reflector

Observer:  Chuck Layton
Your skill:  Intermediate
Date and UT of observation:  12/26/97   0300 U.T.
Location & latitude:  Tacoma, WA   48N
Site classification:  Suburban
Limiting magnitude (visual):  4.3 (zenith)
Seeing (1 to 10 - worst to best):  5
Moon up (phase?):  no
Instrument:  8” f/6 Newtonian
Magnification:  49X , 98X
Filters used:  none
Object:  NGC 1502
Category:  Open cluster
Constellation:  Camelopardalis
Object data:  Mag. 5.7 , size 8’
RA/DE:  04h07.7m / +62o20’
Description:  This is a striking little cluster to observe.  The overall
impression is of a zig zag or triangle with a beautiful “cats eyes” double (SZ
Cam) right in the center.  Both components are mag. 7 and both are variable.
Detached with not very many stars.  Approximately 15 dimmer stars are arranged
around the double in the triangular shape.