(IAAC) NGC 7076 with 13"

Observer: Steve Coe
Your skills: Advanced
Date and Time: 28 Nov 97
Location: 100 miles SW of Phoenix, AZ
Site classification: rural 
Limiting magnitude: 7.0           
Seeing: 7/10 very good
Moon up: no  
Instrument: 13" f/5.6 Newtonian
Magnification:100X, 150X, 220X
Filters used: UHC
Object: NGC 7076
Category: Emission Nebula
Constellation: CEP
Data: size 2.0'  mag None given 
RA/DE: 21 hr 26.3 min  +62 53
At 100X in the 13" with no filter this nebula
was very faint, pretty small and round.
Going to 150X shows it as somewhat more
contrasty, but still never easy, even on
an excellent night.  At 220X this was too much
power and the faint disk all but disappeared.
The are several very faint stars near the 
nebula, but none within it.  The UHC filter
did not help the contrast at any power, however,
averted vision makes a big difference on this