(IAAC) PK189+7.1 in GEM with 13" from AZ

Observer:Steve Coe	 
Your skills: Expert
Date and UT of Observation: 28 Nov 97
Location: 100 miles SW of Phoenix, AZ
Site classification: rural desert
Limiting magnitude: 6.7
Seeing: 7/10 
Moon up: no
Instrument: 13" f/5.6 on Bigfoot German EQ. with 11X80 finder 
Magnification: 100X, 220X
Filters used:UHC 
Object: PK189+7.1 AKA M1-7
Category: Planetary nebula
Constellation: GEM
Data: 13..0 mag, 38"X20"
RA/DE: 06 37.4  +24 01
This planetary nebula was just noticed as non-stellar at 100X.
At 220X with an 8.8 mm Meade UWA it was an obvious disk and I
called it pretty bright, pretty small, a smooth disk that is
very light grey-green in color.  No star was seen and the disk
was very little elongated 1.2X1 in PA 135.  The UHC filter
helped the contrast very much.  The disk has two stars of
almost equal brightness, about 12th mag, on either side to
the east and west.