(IAAC) NGC 7331 Edge on Spiral Galaxy 20" dob

Your skill:intermediate
Date and UT of observation:26 September 1997 01.00
Location & latitude:near Ayr South West Scotland lat 55 24'56"
Site classification:bright rural
Limiting magnitude (visual):6 (zenith) 
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst):3
Moon up (phase?):none
Instrument:20" f4.4 Dobsonian
Magnification:X120 X248
Filters used:None
Object:NGC 7331
Category:Galaxy Edge on spiral Sb
Object data:mag 9.6  size 10'X2.4'
RA/DE: RA 22 34.8' Dec 34.1' 
A lovely nearly edge on galaxy with a conspicuous dark lane above and
below the nucleus. A second dark lane is visible "above" (inverted
view) the nucleus. There was structure vible in the fainter diffuse
outer part(spiral arms) of the galxy. The structure on two observing
occasions had a spiral appearance to it but that was knowing that it
was a spiral galaxy.  I have had no chance to compare this strucure
with a phptographs of the galaxy. The nucleus region was much brighter
than the outer regions and there was a star like central nucleus.
Finding. Slightly tricky. Go to the top right star of the square of
Pegasus (beta). To the right is third magnitude eta. Continuing on the
line beta to eta abot eight degrees you get to 4 magnitude pi. Using
the finderscope, half way on the line eta to pi is a pair of stars (5
magnitude 38 above a 6 mag. star) Follow the line of this pair up
about 4 degrees there is a close pair of 6/7 magnitude stars. Just
below this pair is a line of three 8/9 magnitude stars clearly visible
in a 7X50 finder ( the top star is about the same distance below the
lower of the pair as the separation between the pair). At the end of
this line going west at right angles is another fainter line of three
stars. NGC 7331 is level with the last star of this line vertically
below the first star.
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