(IAAC) M57

Observer: Jonathan Wojack
Your skills: Beginning
Date and UT of Observation:  1997 July 18, 0210-0215 
Location: 75.33.00 W  39.45.00N  100M elevation (Wilmington, DE, 
Site classification: city
Limiting magnitude: (zenith) +3.5
Seeing: 5 out of 10, 75% clear 
Moon up, phase: Yes, full 
Instrument: 15.24 cm Dobinson
Magnification: 47x  
Filters used: None
Object: M57(NGC 6720) 
Category: Planetary Nebula 
Constellation: Lyrae
Data: Magnitude +9, annular, 80"x60". 
RA/DEC:  18 hours, 51.7 minutes.  32 degrees and 58 minutes north 
(Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volume Two) . 
Description:  This is the famous Ring Nebula!  This was my second 
attempt in finding it.  I couldn't get the ring; I only saw a faint 
globe about 3' across.  It was beautiful!  A must see for everyone!  
It was my second nebula seen, M42 being the first, the most famous 
nebula.  I sure would like to see this in a light bucket