(IAAC) Obj: NGC 6366 Inst: 11x80 binoculars

Observer: Auke Slotegraaf (auke@global.co.za)
Your skills: Intermediate
Date and UT of Observation: 1997 July 07, 21:30 UT
Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa (34S)
Site classification: rural
Limiting magnitude: 6.1 (zenith)
Seeing: 7 of 10 - good
Moon up: no
Instrument: 80mm binoculars, tripod-mounted
Magnification: 11x
Filters used: None
Object: NGC 6366
Very faint cluster, with 47 Oph due west. A small star precedes the
cluster,  between cluster and star. Requires attention and a star chart to
locate. Not  casually seen. One of the faintest clusters IĆve yet seen.