(IAAC) Obj: M11 - Inst: Naked eye, 7x50 binoculars

Observer: Lew Gramer
Your skills: Intermediate
Date and UT of Observation: 1997-07-4/5, 03:00 UT
Location: Savoy, MA, USA (42N, elev 700m)
Site classification: rural
Limiting magnitude: 7.1 (zenith)
Seeing: 4 of 10 - medium good, intermittent cumulus
Moon up: no
Instrument: Naked eye, 50mm Simmons binoculars
Magnification: 1x, 7x
Filters used: None
Object: M11
Category: Open cluster
Constellation: Sct
Data: mag 5.8  size 14'
RA/DE: 18h51m  -06o16m
Visible to the naked eye in these skies, M11 was easily found
in binoculars in its accustomed spot, off the tail of Auilla,
at the end of the chain of stars lambda & iota Aql and Eta Sct.
Even in binocs in this sky though, M11 was still only visible
as a broad, slightly irregular haze, SE of a pretty grouping of
7 stars mags. 7 to 9. Near the S end, the well-known mag. 9
orangeish star was fairly prominent. But only with concentration
was even a hint of any other resolution seen. Having a binocular
mount would probably help to begin resolving this cluster at 7x.