(IAAC) Obj: Abell 1367 (Leo galaxy cluster) - Inst: 17.5", 13.1"

Abell 1367...  is certainly one of the top Abell clusters.  [T]he Webb
Society Handbook Vol. 5 states some *sixty* galaxies are visible in
16"+ scopes...
Coincidentally, I just checked my observing notes and found I had
previously logged 63 members with my 17.5"! (this was done over
several nights 11 or 12 years back). Here are my notes for [some of
the brightest of] these galaxies - if you're interested in the
complete list, let me know and I'll pass it along.  I'd like to get
back over the group again, but I don't think I have the patience
anymore to be so thorough!
Steve Gottlieb
11 43.8 +19 58
17.5:faint, small, thin edge-on 4:1 NW-SE, even surface brightness.  This
galaxy is the third brightest in the core of Abell 1367.  Several galaxies
near including N3842 3.3' ESE.
13:faint, very elongated NW-SE.  Located 3' WNW of N3842.
11 43.9 +19 59
17.5:very faint, extremely small, small bright core.  Located 1.3' N of
N3842 in the central core of Abell 1367.  Nearby are N3845 1.7' NNW, and
U06697 3.0' W.
13:extremely faint, very small.
11 44.3 +19 59
17.5:very faint, extremely small, round, just non-stellar.  Forms a faint
"pair" with a mag 14.5 star 37" W of center.  Located 4.7' ENE of N3842 in
the core of Abell 1367.
13:extremely faint, stellar.  Located E of a faint star.
11 44.8 +19 52
17.5:very faint, very small, slightly elongated, small bright core.
Located 5.0' N of N3860 in Abell 1367.  Mag 7.4 SAO 81972 is 8' E.
11 44.9 +19 30
17.5:extremely faint, extremely small, almost round.  Difficult to view as
located 1.4' W of mag 8.1 SAO 99769 which hinders observation.  Also
located 2.5' N of N3859 within Abell 1367.
11 46.1 +19 48
17.5:very faint, extremely small, slightly elongated, weak concentration.
Located 6' E of N3873 within Abell 1367.
Steve Gottlieb
Albany, CA