(IAAC) Re: Obj: Abell 1367 (Leo galaxy cluster) - Inst: Newt 20" f/5

Hi, Lew
Thanks for the observing notes on Abell 1367.  This is certainly one of the
top Abell clusters.  You mentioned that the Webb Sociey Handbook Vol. 5
states some *sixty* galaxies are visible in 16"+ scopes!
Coincidentally, I just checked my observing notes and found I had
previously logged 63 members with my 17.5"! (this was done over several
nights 11 or 12 years back).  The ones you missed are all pretty faint
objects, although the first few were picked up with my Coulter 13.1" a few
years previously.  Here are my notes for these galaxies - if you're
interested in the complete list, let me know and I'll pass it along.  I'd
like to get back over the group again, but I don't think I have the
patience anymore to be so thorough!
Steve Gottlieb
11 43.8 +19 58
17.5:faint, small, thin edge-on 4:1 NW-SE, even surface brightness.  This
galaxy is the third brightest in the core of Abell 1367.  Several galaxies
near including N3842 3.3' ESE.
13:faint, very elongated NW-SE.  Located 3' WNW of N3842.
11 43.9 +19 59
17.5:very faint, extremely small, small bright core.  Located 1.3' N of
N3842 in the central core of Abell 1367.  Nearby are N3845 1.7' NNW, and
U06697 3.0' W.
13:extremely faint, very small.
11 44.3 +19 59
17.5:very faint, extremely small, round, just non-stellar.  Forms a faint
"pair" with a mag 14.5 star 37" W of center.  Located 4.7' ENE of N3842 in
the core of Abell 1367.
13:extremely faint, stellar.  Located E of a faint star.
11 44.8 +19 52
17.5:very faint, very small, slightly elongated, small bright core.
Located 5.0' N of N3860 in Abell 1367.  Mag 7.4 SAO 81972 is 8' E.
11 44.9 +19 30
17.5:extremely faint, extremely small, almost round.  Difficult to view as
located 1.4' W of mag 8.1 SAO 99769 which hinders observation.  Also
located 2.5' N of N3859 within Abell 1367.
11 46.1 +19 48
17.5:very faint, extremely small, slightly elongated, weak concentration.
Located 6' E of N3873 within Abell 1367.
Steve Gottlieb
Albany, CA