(IAAC) Object: M57; Instrument: 16" Dob

Observer:  Todd Gross
Your skill:  Intermediate +
Date and UT of observation:  1/26/97 (1/26/97 0900GMT)
Location & latitude: 22 miles west of Boston, Ma. 42.3N
Site classification: Suburban
Limiting magnitude (visual): 4.3 (estimated),  3.9 (est)  in vicinity of object
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst):  3
Moon up (phase?): Yes, 85% illuminated!
Instrument: f/4.59 16" Dob, f.l. 1839mm, excellent optics, 96-99% coating,
3.1" secondary
Magnification: 175x 
Filters used: none
Object:  M57, Ring nebula
Category:  Planetary Ring
Constellation: Lyra
Object data: 
Although the moon was on the other side of the sky, it was nearly full. The
importance of this observation, is that even with a limiting magnitude of
around 4, larger scopes, can take in a lot on non-extended objects.
The ring nebula took it's classic smoke-ring form. More delicate than
previous observations in other scopes, perhaps due to the moonlit skies.
Very well defined with very little nebulosity at the center, where no
central star could be detected. However, Magnitude 13, and 14.2 stars seen,
the 14.2 star (confirmed magnitude by Brian Skiff) was seen in and out with
direct vision. Beautiful despite low into the light pollution and moonlit
Thanks! - Todd
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