(IAAC) NGC 2076, NGC 2077, NGC 2079, NGC 2080, NGC 2083, NGC 2084, NGC 2086 in LMC

Observer : M. Morel
Inst. aperture : 25cm
F/ratio : 4.5
Type :  Newtonian
Optical Quality : 1/20 w
Magnification: 330x
Field diam. : 13'
Filter Type: O III
Seeing :  2"
Transparency : good
Date: 1996 January 20, 12.15 UT 
The above-mentioned objects are clustered together in a small field in 
the LMC. They are all either emission nebulae or combination emission 
nebulae and star clusters.
NGC 2080 is intensely bright (very high surface brightness). Appears a 
little bluish, very bright in O III filter. Appears double.
NGC 2086 has a bright 10th mag. star superimposed - it is very small, 
being virtually hidden by the star.
IC 2145 is also small, but NGC 2083/84 is large with low surface 
brightness. NGC 2079 is fairly bright (medium surface brightness) and 
easily detected. It has a triangular shape.
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