(IAAC) IAAC Submission

Observer                 : Rich Wells
Your skills              : Beginner
Date & UT of observation : 19th May, 1996, 01:29Z
Location                 : RTP, North Carolina, USA
Site classification      : Rural
Limiting mag(visual)     : 5.8
Seeing(from 1 to 5)      : 3
Moon up/phase            : None
Instrument               : 4" f/5.4 APO refractor
Magnification            : 60x 108x 120x 180x
Filters used             : None
Object                   : Epsilon Boo(Struve 1877)
Category                 : Double star
Constellation            : Bootes(Boo)
Obect diameter           : m2.5 m4.9  2.8"
RA/DE                    : 14h 45.0m  +27d 04m
Description : Also known as 36 Izar Bootes.
              At 60x no separation.
              At 108x barely separated in moments of good seeing.
              At 120x good separation. Epsilon is white with a
              slight yellow tinge. Its companion is pinkish or
              washed-out red.
              At 180x view is not much different than 120x.